How about that arm?

Hey Y’all,

It’s been a while but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop of whats going on lately… a few weeks ago I had an appointment at U of M to check the progress of the bone graft addition to my arm. Well in the section of bummer news, my bone still hasn’t grown together. My surgeon reminded me that it is still pretty early to tell but did graze over the possibility of it it never growing back together. It was pretty harsh news to hear but in the grand scheme of things its not the end of the world. Lets face it, I still have my arm, albeit a low functioning arm but i can still pick light things up and drive etc. I am still healthy. I can live without a high-functioning arm. We just had really high hopes going into the appointment and left a little disappointed. The disappointment didn’t stick around too long, I have so much to be thankful for. Aside from my arm, I feel great. Little to no pain in my hip from where they removed part of my bone. I can move and run almost as good as before.

These pictures are a little old but show just a glimpse of the dedication from my girlfriend Ashley:






She took out all of my staples! What a trooper!

I have another appointment next month March 5th. I will be sure to hopefully be posting great news about my arm then!

Take care,




One thought on “How about that arm?

  1. Theresa Maylone says:

    Jordan you are one extremly lucky man to have such an angel so dedicated to you! Good luck March 5th.
    Ma Maylone

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